Wednesday, October 16, 2013

General B and the Wiz

General B and the Wiz's Bio describes them as " an adventurous band collectively out of Minneapolis, MN, and Eagle River Alaska"

How would you describe General B and The Wiz?
Bigger than a slice of bread. A commune, without the stigma of socialism. Hunters and gatherers. A group of friends who love to make music together. .

You have a  upcoming EP, Lie Until You Prove It which will be out on October 29, What can people expect from this?
A little bit of everything! We harkened back to our blusier roots on a few songs, and took a more progressive approach with others. We feel that the band is now on equal footing in terms of their voices within the group. We've grown a ton as musicians and as a group since our last release, so it's great to finally convey that growth on a recording. We've taken the time to make our rehearsals a more regimented affair, and we like to think that reflects a bit in our songwriting.

What are you most excited about Lie Until You Prove it right now? How is this album different than other General B and the Wiz releases?
We're most excited to finally be able to share the music with everyone! We've been sitting on a few of these songs for a very long time and it's great to finally be in a position where we're ready for fans and friends to hear the material. It's also great because it's our first time working with a producer, Ben Durrant (Andrew Bird, Roma di Luna, Dosh). It's wonderful to have another creative voice in the room-- with Ben. We love having a relatable artist willing to put in his own opinion and not be afraid to offer new suggestions of ways to go about recording.

What is your favourite animal?
Collectively: Wombats (we use them to check our mics)
Quincy: A shrimp cocktail.
Seth: I want it to be a bald eagle, but it's probably a lemur.
Kevin: A walleye. They're delicious.
Kai: A termite.
Erik: Kind of leaning towards a penguin.

Photo Credit Mark Newcome Kartarik 

Who/What inspires you?
Yoko Ono, William Faulkner, The Powerpuff Girls, Juan Tony Guzman, brick buildings,mustaches, having only one color in your entire field of vision, feeling very small, the blues,shameless introspection which often leads to narcissism, Garfield, Amanda Hamp, Joan of Arc, Beowulf, a good coffee bean, a fine bourbon, and our family and friends.

What are you passionate about other than music?
Education, equality,(people that are good at) crocheting, building things, good company, humor, human contact, wigwams, and beer.  

If you could make a movie with no limits what would it be about?
We've already thought this one through: A claymation adaptation of "General B and The Wiz Saves Christmas."

What social causes are important to you?
Education, affordable housing, the de-stigmatization of mental health, destroying the achievement gap, arts education,

What do you think makes a good live show? How do you prepare for yours?
When people can tell that WE are enjoying ourselves just as much as they are. The performance is FOR the audience, and a band needs to be invested in what they are doing.( Also, fancy haircuts, light shows, and harmonies help out too).

When we prepare for our own shows, we dedicate time to a group toast and a pump up speech. Sometimes the toast makes sense, sometimes we roll with whatever's on our mind!

What do you want people to know about you?
Quincy: I am the 2007 Alaskan State Champion of the 140lb weight class, but also won $150 ribbon dancing later that year.
Seth: I talked on the phone with Barry Manilow for an hour once, but I don't really like Barry Manilow.
Kevin: I started playing bass so my friends wouldn't make me go home when they practiced.
Kai: I could play the viola fine, but couldn't tie my shoes until I was 11.
Erik: I didn't receive an award for my performance in the hit broadway musical, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," so I joined a metal band.

Find out more about General B and the Wiz at GeneralBAndTheWiz.comFacebook,  Twitter, and Instragram